The Educational Caries Teeth are realistic, 3D printed training teeth designed by Dentists at the University of Iowa for educational and training purposes in dentistry, with three different dentin layers that simulate a tooth caries lesion. The 3 layers are similar to soft, leathery, and firm dentin. All caries lesions are cavitated with demineralized enamel visually showing.  Each tooth in the pack is identical, including its caries, providing consistency for training and evaluation not feasible with cadaveric teeth. 

Teeth are numbered using US system

  • #19 (caries lesion present on occlusal, mesial and buccal surface)
  • #20 (caries lesion present on occlusal, mesial/distal and buccal surface)
  • #8 (caries lesion present on distal surface)


Key Features

  • Realistic dentin layers, size and color
  • Standardized student experience (consistent structure across all teeth in pack)
  • Fits in standard typodont (Typodont not included)
  • Bulk packaging available


Educational Caries Teeth are available individually, in sample packs of 5, or bulk packs of 50.  

For training purposes only.